A recipe for making mustard sauce – One-half cup of medium cream sauce, Two tablespoons of white wine vinegar, Yolk of one egg, One teaspoon of mustard, One teaspoon of salt, One-half teaspoon of paprika. Beat thoroughly to mix and then heat to the boiling point. In no other part of cookery does the skill of the cook show to advantage as in the way in which the various sauces are prepared and served. To make a perfect sauce is an art in cooking. Many plain foods, as well as the use of leftovers, may, by the addition of a good sauce, be turned into palatable and attractive dishes. Three or four cupfuls of cream sauce may be made at one time and then poured into a bowl and covered with a damp napkin, and placed in the icebox until needed. The sauce will keep in a cool place for three or four days and will relieve the necessity of making a sauce every day. To use, measure three-quarters of a cupful of sauce and add one-quarter cupful of hot water. Place in a double boiler to heat, stirring frequently to blend.

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